Magnesium is a necessary element to hundreds of biochemical reactions occurring in the body on a constant basis—approximately 300 enzymatic reactions! Magnesium contributes to the manufacture of energy, cardiovascular function, and cellular reproduction.


Strong bones and teeth, radiant skin, balanced hormones, a healthy nervous system, and relaxed body and mind, all made possible by sufficient magnesium in our cells.


Best for sensitive skin . Great for joints and are calming and relaxing

Increased magnesium levels can lead to better sleep, improved skin, relieve sore muscles and nerve health


Magnesium deficiency can cause headaches, muscle spasms, leg cramps, and decreased energy levels


This product can be bought at:

The Detox Box, 199 Main St, Matawan, NJ

Good Nature, 952 HWY 34, Matawan, NJ

Asbury Fresh Market, Bell Works, Holmdel, NJ